Blizzard Silently Cancels New Game

David Gibson, a now former game developer who recently left Blizzard Entertainment, stated that he had been hired to work on an unannounced game project. His departure from the company marks the fact that whatever the project was, it is no longer happening.

Gibson took to Twitter where he made the following comment:

Apparently, whatever Blizzard was creating it was in development for the past two years. This may seem a bit shocking to some but according to Blizzard’s executive producer, Allen Adham, this is more common than we think. He said that roughly 50% of Blizzard’s games are canceled before they are ever released. Adham had this to say in a quote to Game Informer:

“The truth is, behind the curtain, it’s a horror show. But most people outside of Blizzard don’t realize around half of our titles don’t see the light of day. So, people who think we’re a consistent company, we’re only consistent in that we only release the really amazing games.”

One thing Blizzard has been known for is their quality control. While some would argue that statement in this day and age, it has been a cornerstone of Blizzard’s business model since their inception. If it doesn’t pass the Blizzard quality test, they won’t release it. Simple as that.

Still, it makes you wonder what the game could have been. Many (including myself) are wondering if it could have been a Blizzard fighting game as was teased inside of Overwatch. Maybe that idea is still on the table? Allow me to bite into Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop as I say… the world may never know.