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Ubisoft Officially Announces Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Promises That Solo Players Won’t Be Left Out

While Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Break Point was leaked yesterday, ruining their surprise. The company did make it official today, allow with a pretty nice announcement trailer – which you can see above.

Breakpoint serves as a sequel to Ubisoft’s acclaimed Ghost Recon Wildlands and will be helmed by the same developer, Ubisoft Paris.

Taking place in the future, Breakpoint will feature a sci-fi story that involves AI-powered drones. Something about changing the landscape of warfare (which sounds familiar). It’s important to note that the game’s main antagonist Lt. Colonel Cole D. Walker (played by Jon Bernthal), was introduced in a recent update for Ghost Recon Wildlands. A character who recently appeared in recent DLC  for Ghost Recon Wildlands.

A lot of the game will be familiar to Wildland players, but will also include a very important detail and one that many had asked for. Story-driven missions, all of which will allow for both single players and co-op players to drive into the game. Something about that excites me.

According to Ubisoft, character progression will be persistent across the main campaign and PVP. Which is nice to hear that players won’t have to worry about focusing on a specific type of game mode. Expect lots of content which includes a vast story, multiple classes and raid endgame content for a Ghost Recon game. Something that we are still waiting for in The Division 2. Again, that’s pretty exciting stuff and definitely something to look forward.

If anything, Breakpoint is shaping up to be everything that Wildland fans have been asking for. Here’s to hoping we’ll hear more about the game and possibly see it in action at E3 2019.