Surprisingly, the pricing is actually quite good

** Ok, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do this, but here we go. Stop with the nonsense that we or I am in Epic Games pocket. Trust us, we aren’t seeing a dime. We’re also really critical of how Epic Games has been in regards to their storefront, hostility towards Steam and gamers, and their practices. Just look here, here, and here. However, that’s not what this article is about. This is about a sale and how gamers can pick up some quality games for cheap, nothing more. Regardless of how you feel about Epic Games, the next person might not even care. We’re here to report on the news, provide updates and our own thoughts about said subject. So, if you don’t care for Epic Games or their storefront, that’s fine. Keep it moving, but we’re still going to do our job. Thanks for understanding! **

The Epic Games Store has been live for quite some time and ever since the launch, Epic Games has been bombarded with questions surrounding it. One of which is would the storefront offer discounted sales, as we’ve seen on other storefronts. Well, the answer to that is “yes”, as the Epic Games Stores’ first sale is live.

Starting today and running until June 13, 2019, the Epic Mega Sale (I didn’t name it) will feature heavily discounted games for you to choose from. This includes most of the games in the Epic Games Store catalog. Everything is seeing a discount of up to 75%.

In addition to this, every title priced above $14.99 will get an additional $10 off. Meaning, there are some really good games up for grabs here. The exception is that this doesn’t carry over to all pre-purchase games.

Even better is if you purchase prior Epic Mega Sale started, from May 2nd to the 15th, they’ll refund the difference. If you pre-purchased a game prior to May 16th, you’ll get a 10$ refund as well.

Head over to the Epic Games Store to see a full list of games that are available during this sale. As for me, I had been eyeing World War Z for quite some time. So I picked it up for $14.99, I can’t ignore that.

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