While not everyone is onboard with Epic Games new online store, there are quite a few that use it. Those people, however, had a complaint about two things; the refund policy and the lack of regional pricing.  Judging from the recent updates, it looks like Epic Games was paying attention. As they’ve recently made changes due to both.

Starting now, the store’s policy looks to be in line with what Valve’s Steam had put into place. You’ll now be able to request a refund with 14 days of purchase and under 2 hours of playtime. They still don’t have a system in place to handle refunds, so you’ll still need to go through customer support. It’s definitely an improvement. 


The big deal here is the regional pricing. Previously the prices on games were extremely high in most locales. Thankfully, that all changes as now 30 different regions are supported. With more to come. They did mention that the store is still only using USD for now, but other regional currencies are coming.

There are still quite a few other changes that need to be added, sure as pre-orders or user reviews. However, it does go to show that Epic Games is taking their store seriously and we can expect to see the store evolving over time.

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Oh, speaking of which. The current free game on the store is What Remains of Edith Finch. If you haven’t checked it out before and are curious, it’s free. Download it while you can.


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