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Nintendo Entertainment Podcast – Episode 134 – Sleeping Through The Delays

In the latest episode of the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast, the Road to E3 continues! And that road has been filled with all sorts of interesting news!

But first! The guys talk about their recent gaming adventures! Tyler has a slightly less optimistic opinion about Sonic Team Racing, Will has been getting access to betas, and Todd continues to love the Ace Attorney Trilogy!

Then, in the news, there was a plethora of Pokemon news! Including a new Pokemon mobile game, a new Pokemon “experience, a sequel to Detective Pikachu coming to Switch, and more! Add to that, Sonic The Hedgehog’s movie has been delayed, and Super Mario Maker 2 won’t let you play with friends!

Finally, in the 2nd week of our “Road To E3” segments, we talk about 3rd parties! We talk about who we hope will show up, who we hope will surprise us, and what titles we want trailers or more details on!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!

Plus, vote in our poll question! Which 3rd party developer do you want to bring a new exclusive to Switch and reveal it at E3?

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