Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield Getting Pre-E3 Nintendo Direct!

Pokemon Sword and Shield is without a doubt the big headliner for the Nintendo Switch this year. The Pokemon franchise always sells big when it comes to main titles, and this is the first “main” title from the RPG line (Pokemon Let’s Go was a more casual affair) to come to the Nintendo line of consoles. So everyone is expecting it to be big, beautiful, and fun. And Nintendo isn’t waiting until E3 2019 (only two weeks away!) to talk about it.

Instead, they’re going to have a very special 15-minute Pokemon Sword and Shield Nintendo Direct next week on June 5th!

So you better wake up early Pokemon fans so you can get even more information on the game.

This Direct is interesting because it comes right off the heels of the recent Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct where that game got heavily detailed. And between both Directs, Nintendo has now freed up a lot of time in their E3 2019 main presentation. Which could mean some surprises are in store.