Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour Footage Gets Posted Online

Nintendo is preparing to launch two different mobile games this summer. One of which is a Dr. Mario title, and the other is Mario Kart Tour. The latter of which has just entered closed beta for select gamers worldwide. But, you don’t have to wait until E3 to get a look at the game, because many gamers who are in the beta captured some Mario Kart Tour Footage, and then decided to put them online.

We put a few of the videos below, and as you can see, it’s about what you would expect from Mario Kart title. The graphics look crisp, the tracks are detailed, and you can battle against a bunch of other players. How expansive the game will be at launch, and what will get added later, isn’t known. But, with E3 2019 a few weeks away, it’s very possible we’ll get more details.

In the meantime, enjoy this Mario Kart Tour Footage!