Anime Rapid Pulse for the Week of 5/11/19

Welcome to the Anime Rapid Pulse for the week of May 11, 2019! This is a roundup of anime news stories that take care of themselves by the headlines alone. Not all news stories need paragraphs upon paragraphs to get the point across, but sometimes they are too important to be ignored. The Anime Rapid Pulse solves this by just rapid firing those news stories to you in one convenient post!

  • Prison Lab manga set to end with 10th volume
  • Twin Star Exorcists volumes 2, 3, and 4 will release on May 27, June 24, and July 29 respectively
  • Majo Raba Majo Reba manga set to debut in June
  • 341 Sentodan manga set to launch on June 12
  • Mirai anime film’s release delayed until July 1
  • Real Account manga has entered its final arc
  • Urara Meirochou manga sent to end in June
  • REAL manga returns from hiatus on May 23
  • The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious set to premiere in October
  • Ahiro no Sora set to premiere in October
  • Detective Conan manga goes on hiatus for four magazine issues
  • Real Girl second season set to air this month
  • Daishinryuu manga set to launch on June 4
  • Hikari-Man manga goes on hiatus until summer

That’s going to wrap things up for this week. News headlines were compiled from Anime News Network and Crunchyroll