Lucifer Netflix

Netflix officially welcomes Lucifer to the fold

Almost a year ago, FOX’s Lucifer finished up with one hell of a finale that left fans excited for a season 4 that would never come. FOX cancelled the hit show for no reason at all suddenly, leaving both fans and cast wondering why. Well instead of waiting for a reason why, the fans and the cast joined together in a movement called #SaveLucifer, asking some other network to pick up the show and continue the adventures of Satan himself in downtown LA. The answer to that canpaign not too long after with Netflix picking up the show and giving it one more life in the form of a 4th season made exclusively through the streaming platform.

Today, through the magic of Twitter, Netflix tweeted a welcoming message to the show, including a small promo filmed outside of the actual show featuring Lauren German (aka Detective Chloe Decker), newcomer Inbar Lavi as Eve and Satan himself Tom Ellis in a very bare butt moment stating that the show will not change as much as people would think.

Tom’s bare butt aside, we learn about Eve and a possible reason she created the original sin. Other then that, we still know nothing about the upcoming season. Not even my own interview with Lesley Ann Brandt (Mazikeen/Maze) not long after the show was cancelled revealed anything about what could have been. Even without an air date announcement, people are already waiting with baited breath for the return of Lucifer on Netflix.

You can currently see Seasons 1 through 3 of Lucifer on Netflix as they prepare for Season 4.