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Enter the Gungeon’s Final Update Adds New Mode, New Guns, Dog Petting

Firearm-focused roguelike Enter the Gungeon‘s final update has arrived, bringing with it new modes, new playable characters, and most importantly, the ability to pet the dog.

The “Farewell to Arms” update released on April 5 to commemorate the game’s third anniversary, and it will be the game’s last content update. You can check out the trailer below.

Farewell to Arms might be Enter the Gungeon‘s largest expansion yet. Two new characters, The Paradox and The Gunslinger, were added, bringing the game’s total number of playable characters up to eight (or nine if you count the co-op only Cultist).

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Enter the Gungeon update without guns, and the new weapons are just as wacky and inventive as ever. The Evolver, for example, changes forms as you kill enemies. The JK-47 looks identical to an AK-47, only the fire rate is much slower. The Tetrominator shoots Tetris pieces that stick to enemies, and line pieces explode, doing more damage if pieces are stuck to an enemy. These are just three of the 22 new guns added in the Farewell to Arms update.

Rainbow Mode is another new addition to Enter the Gungeon, giving players a new challenge to attempt if they feel ready. Rainbow Mode gives players a rainbow chest at the start of each floor, but only one item from the chest can be chosen, and this is the only source of items for the entire run.

Multiple balance changes and adjustments were made, but the most notable of these tweaks is the raising of the boss DPS cap, which will allow players to kill bosses more quickly. If you had a synergy (a combination of items that provides a buff) that could shred most of a boss’s health bar fairly quickly, the game would limit the damage you could do. Now the damage cap is raised, so item combos and synergies will feel appropriately powerful during boss fights.

Most importantly of all though, you can now pet the dog in Enter the Gungeon.

Enter the Gungeon is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.