Cobra Kai Season 2 Official Trailer

Cobra Kai Season 2 Official Trailer Arrives

Man, and you thought Season 1 was intense, huh? Cobra Kai shocked the world by bringing back a classic series and actually making it feel as good, if not better, than the original movies. And now, Season 2 has brought the fight to two dojos, and it’s going to be even more intense than before. The Cobra Kai Season 2 Official Trailer has arrived, and dear gosh, it’s brutal.

First and foremost, we see the return of Kreese, and his impact is immediately felt as he not only by putting Johnny in his place, but starting to influence the Cobra Kai students, new and old, to be even more brutal, even more vicious, and to truly show No Mercy…

Meanwhile, Daniel has started Miyagi-Do, but not to teach Karate per se, but to “destroy Cobra Kai”. It’s clear that his motivations and desires are on two paths instead of one, and it’s affecting him greatly.

Including by going to Johnny’s apartment and giving us the rematch decades in the making.

You can watch the Cobra Kai Season 2 Official Trailer below, as well as a synopsis of the season:

“Cobra Kai may have won the battle, but the war has just begun. Watch Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso pick up where they left off in Season 1, and train a new generation in the way of karate. But will their past get in the way of what truly matters? Catch a new season of Cobra Kai coming April 24.”