All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling Gets Glacier And Darby Allin

All Elite Wrestling has been on a roll as of late, as they continue to unveil more and more of their roster, and they’re getting some big acquisitions that continue to help prove that they are for real.

In the latest episode of The Road To Double Or Nothing, the All Elite Wrestling team revealed two new wrestlers for the Over Budget Battle Royale. Glacier, a long-time fan favorite wrestler who was molded after a Mortal Kombat character during the 90’s (no joke, look it up), and Brian Pillman Jr., a former member of the Hart Dungeon.

The trailer also focused on two of the women who will be fighting it out at Double or Nothing, Kylie Rae and Nyla Rose, each with very different views on the road that they’ve come on.

But right at the end, the episode revealed that a big free agent has signed with the company in the form of Darby Allin. Who many consider to be one of best wrestlers in the world today. He just got onto the free agent market, so getting him signed is huge for AEW.

There’s also rumors going around that All Elite Wrestling will end up on TNT this fall sometime. So definitely stay tuned for that.