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Where is our Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Review?

I know, I know, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was released nearly a week ago. Yet, there’s no sign of the review, and I’ve had a few people ask if we were doing one for the game.

Yes, we are most definitely reviewing the game. C’mon, you’ve seen how long I’ve praised the game. Talked about the game. And how I’ve talked about pretty much every Fromsoftware title. Of course we’reviewing the game. So where is it, you may be asking? Well, that’s actually really simple to answer.

As you’re aware, Activision didn’t start providing review codes until the day that Sekiro release. Sure, a few outlets and streamers got access to it early, but we weren’t one of them. So we didn’t have a head start on the game. Since then, I’ve been hammering my way through the game, as well as writing up game guides for various encounters. I’m about 63 hours into the game and I’m nearly at the end (I think). Once I’ve downed the final bad guy, I’ll be finishing into my review to get it ready to go live.

That said, expect to see our Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice review to go up this weekend, or next Monday by the latest. It’s a Fromsoftware game, you expect me to just rush through this? That would be disrespectful to the developers, to my self and more importantly, to you our readers.

Rest assured, the review is coming soon. In the meanwhile, why not check out some of the game guides that we’ve written up.