Team Sonic Racing delayed until May 21, 2019.

“Team Sonic Racing Overdrive” Animated Series Revealed

A new series of animated Sonic the Hedgehog shorts are coming this way! Announced at their annual Sonic the Hedgehog panel, the animated series will be called “Team Sonic Racing Overdrive”. The first episode has already been released!

“Team Sonic Racing Overdrive” will feature the characters from the upcoming game, including a few forgotten fan favorites! The first episode spotlights the much maligned Big the Cat, to great comedic effect.

The masterminds responsible for the series are Tyson Hesse and Neko Productions. Neko was also responsible for “Sonic Mania Adventures”. That series featured the characters’ classic designs, while “Overdrive” employees their modern looks.

SEGA is Now Selling Froggy T-Shirts

If you watched the episode, you probably thought Big looked pretty cool rocking his Froggy gear. SEGA thought the same thing, and is now selling those exact t-shirts! As difficult as life can be for Sonic fans, there’s no denying the genius of the hedgehog’s social media team.

That being said, the shirt costs $31.99. Only the most dedicated Froggy fans can buy his official gear!

Check Out the Character Art!

The modern character designs look right at home in this animated style. Enjoy the artwork!


Sonic in Team Sonic Racing Overdrive


Tails in Team Sonic Racing Overdrive


Knuckles in Team Sonic Racing Overdrive


Shadow in Team Sonic Racing Overdrive

Rouge the Bat

Rouge in Team Sonic Racing Overdrive

Amy Rose

Amy Rose in Team Sonic Racing Overdrive

Big the Cat

Big in Team Sonic Racing Overdrive


Chao in Team Sonic Racing

Where is Cream the Rabbit?

One thing that stood out to me during the “Overdrive” debut was the lack of Team Rose’s flight specialist, Cream the Rabbit. The character last appeared in “Sonic Generations” (I think, let me if that’s inaccurate in the comments section), and has been replaced by four Chao on Team Rose. If Big the Cat made the cut, why didn’t Cream and her beloved chao Cheese?

Unfortunately, SEGA has not offered an explanation yet. Maybe they are saving her for a team yet to be revealed. A team of Tikal, Chaos (Sonic Adventure), and Cream would delight fans of Sonic’s GameCube days. I miss Cream, and would love to see her revealed through an episode of “Team Sonic Racing Overdrive”.