Mr X, the unstoppable behemoth of a character from the Resident Evil 2 games has been the subject of many memes since he first pushed a downed helicopter out of his way in the recently released smash hit remake of the classic game.

Things started out simply enough, the first mod that was done in the PC version of Resident Evil 2 Remake was changing out the standard Mr X theme music with “X Gonna Give it to Ya” by rapper DMX. Everyone got a good laugh out of this and it seems that this wasn’t enough for the modding community over on Steam and Resident Evil Modding Community. So here are a couple of the better remodels and other mods featuring our favorite giant grey scare machine:

Every Monster is Mr. X (4th Survivor Challenge Mode)


Ever wanted to make The 4th Survivor mode even harder to get through? Well, how about replacing every single enemy in the mode with Mr X? This mod by Zealot Tormunds from the Resident Evil Modding Community. This mod does exactly what it says on the box: Replaced everything from zombies to Lickers and more (Except Dogs and a few pre-placed zombies) with Mr X. Not quite perfect as there are moments where some zombies are just standing around, but for the most part, all the wandering enemies are Mr X. And yes, they are all the standard version of the monster too, not just a reskin; so have something powerful (As the video shows Hunk using a Magnum with obviously hacked unlimited explosive ammo) on hand or you’re fucked.

Invisible Mr X Mod


The only thing worse than seeing Mr X everywhere is not seeing him at all. While this mod is a part of a bigger mod pack that turns all enemies invisible, the idea of Mr X being one of them is just terrifying! Imagine seeing a door open, that theme kick in and yet you see NOTHING. You have no idea if this guy is running at you, stalking you down or about to smash your head like a ripe mellon. The only time you get to have any sort of idea about where the big guy is located is when he is on fire, and once that goes out… You better run!

Nemesis Model Replacement

I think the only thing worse than the original stalker of Resident Evil would be the one who made it a true art form: Nemesis from Resident Evil 3. This sorta simple reskin doesn’t do much to change more than the appearance of the character. Though it does add the all too familiar and creepy “STAAAARRRRS” line and growls from RE3 into this game, keeping the character alive so to speak. Other than that he is nothing more than a promise of what could be possible in an R3make down the track.

Beachboy Mr X


Ok, now this is the beginning of the sick and scary things that modders have been able to do. Along with this very sick and perverted version of Mr X, we also have Leon walking around in a pair of briefs, and Claire walking around in either bandages and panties or just 100% naked… No I’m not giving links to those. Google them yourself. As for Mr X, who we all know could do with a bit of a tanning session, but we didn’t need to see how he was going about one before getting called into active duty to just scare the living shit out of us in more ways than one.

Thomas The Tank Engine (The Stuff of Nightmares) – Theme/SFXModel

Welcome to the ultimate nightmare. There is nothing more frightening than seeing one of your friendly childhood characters chasing you down while his TV theme song plays in the background. Of course this amazing mod has been done before in other games like Skyrim, but there is something terrifying about hearing that music, that cheery boppy music, getting louder and louder till you see that expressionless face make its way through a door and start chasing you down with the “chug chug” sound only a train provides. Seriously, watch the video above and when Claire uses explosive rounds on Thomas, who doesn’t flinch… Now that’s nightmare fuel.


Bonus points to the madman who decided to remix the first music mod of “X Gonna Give it To Ya” by DMX with the Thomas The Tank Engine theme music. It just adds that extra hint of… I’m not too sure if it was class or just meme-worthy lolz to the whole thing.

Squeaky Mr X

Ok, so I’m going to close on something just stupid. Someone out there decided to change the booming footsteps of Mr X with the sound that comes out of a dog’s chew toy, making any chase scene into comedy gold. You just can’t take Mr X seriously when you hear a squeak with every step he takes.

So there we go, some of the best, weirdest and just right fucked up mods to be done to Mr X in Resident Evil 2 Remake. Since the game is still very new, I’m sure there are more mods out there that people are working hard on and will release over time. Thanks to those modders and their dedication we will have all sorts of random things to throw into the game, for the better or worse.

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