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Latest Fortnite Update 8.10 Brings Changes To The PS4/Xbox/Switch Pools

Performance issues causing unfair advantages cited as the reason

While Fortnite was one of the first games to make the entire gaming scene stand up and demand cross-play, and actually get it. It seems it wasn’t a happy story once it was all said and done. In fact, it seems our friends that own a Nintendo Switch have been suffering from a performance issue. When matched up with PS4 and Xbox One gamers, things were on the unfair side of things. As such Epic Games has made some changes in the recent 8.10 update for Fortnite. Oddly there was no mention about this affecting cross-play against/with PC gamers. 

This update rolls back the cross-play mechanics for most platforms. So PS4 and Xbox One gamers will be into a separate pool, while the Switch will be dropped into a pool with mobile (iOS/Android) players. Which would put the Switch on a more level playing field. Prior to this, I’ve talked to a few people who are regular Switch Fortnite players, and they’ve always felt that some people have had an unfair advantage. Seems Epic Games agrees with this and has “resolved” the problem. I’ll need to check with those same people to see how they feel now that the change has been made.

It’s not the end of the world when it comes to cross-play for Switch owners. They still can play with their sell console counterparts. They’ll just need to do so manually by inviting players on the PS4/Xbox One, instead of the system doing it for them automatically.

In addition to this change, update 8.10 also introduces The Baller, a new vehicle. As well as new vending machines that will dispense items and weapons for free, then disappearing afterward. There are also several gameplay changes that you can read up on here.

What do you think about the change to the Switch’s cross-play system? Do you agree with this or are you against this decision? Let us know in the comments.