With Marvel’s ‘Avengers: Endgame’ looking to the change the landscape that we’re all familiar with. There have been several talks about upcoming changes. Such as Chris Evans possibly moving on to other things, as well as Chris Hemsworth possibly putting down the hammer. Now it would seem we can add one more interesting tidbit; Angelina Jolie wants to join the Marvel family.

Yes, the very same actresses that many still fondly remember as Laura Croft apparently wants in on that Marvel action. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Jolie is looking to get involved with the upcoming ‘The Eternals’ film. If this does happen, there’s been no word on what role Angelina Jolie would play. 

It would be nice to see her back in a superhero flick. I’d say this would be the first, but outside of the ‘Tomb Raider’ films, she also starred alongside James McAvoy in an adaption of Mark Miller’s ‘Wanted’.


As for The Eternals, outside of Kevin Feige confirming the films and Chloe Zhao being tapped to direct the movie, there’s not much else known. Marvel teased that phase 4 of the MCU would involve more of the cosmic-powered characters and The Eternals would fit right in.

Possessing superhuman strength, the ability to fly, energy blasts, teleportation, telepathic abilities and more. Oh, they also happen to be immortal (or so we were told). The Eternals are essentially living breathing powerhouses, which could be an issue to adapt to a film. Something something, Superman complex to be exact.

The only question is will the film follow the more recent comic arc? The same one that resulted with all of them being killed off or if this will head in a new direction? 

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