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idSoftware and Ubisoft Both Will Be Present During Google’s GDC 2019 Developer Day

Things just got a bit more interesting

Yesterday I talked about how Google’s entry into gaming really needed to be something special? That hey needed to show us something that we haven’t seen, and give us a reason to be excited? Well, looks like they’re showing us something alright. 

In several recent tweets, both idSoftware (DOOM) and Ubisoft (Farcry) have announced that they’ll be present during Google’s GDC 2019 Developer Day. What’s interesting is that both tweets are asking people to come down the same room, at different times of the day. This also takes place after the keynote. 

Could both of these powerhouses be showing off something on Google’s yet to be announced hardware?

Things are definitely heating up and while I was already excited for this keynote. I’m now more eager to see what exactly Google has been working on. If it’s enough to draw both idSoftware and Ubisoft to the tablet, you better believe it has to be something. Now that these companies are involved, you got to wonder who is involved or is just hanging out waiting to see what Google presents. 

On top of that, does this mean we’ll see previous titles from both companies being playable on Google’s gaming venture? Or are we going to see new and possibly exclusive titles instead? I guess we’ll find out soon.

Google’s GDC 2019 Keynote takes place on March 19 at 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT. You can catch the keynote via YouTube if you aren’t going to be present like us.