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Google’s GDC 2019 Teaser Begs To Ask If There’s Room For One More

We’ve all seen the writing on the way. We’ve seen the reactions to Google’s Project Stream, and we’ve known for a while that Google is serious about entering the gaming scene. With GDC 2019 less than a week away, Google has dropped yet another teaser about their entry.

Which leaves me to ask, is there enough room for a fourth player.

Traditionally, it’s always been a two-man or three-man console generation. Sega vs Nintendo, Sega vs Nintendo vs Sony, Nintendo vs Microsoft vs Sony. Sure there have been times where there was a fourth player. They just didn’t last very long. I’m pointing at you Ouya and countless other Android-powered devices. Yet, here we are with Google looking at the big three and gesturing from the other side of the window that they want in.

Which is interesting, as outside of Project Stream, which is a service. We haven’t seen any actual hardware from Google. No, that mocked up Google game controller did not count. Thank goodness, this thing is hideous.

Nope, this ain’t it chief

There’s just so much we don’t know about Google’s would-be gaming console if we can even call it that. Do we know if it will be powered by Android? Will it even be a traditional console? Outside of the rumors of Capcom and Sega supporting it, I haven’t heard anything else.  Which is really odd, considering everyone knows that Google is planning something and there hasn’t been a single leak so far. 

Yet that hasn’t stopped Rick Osterloh, the Senior Vice President of Google’s hardware division from making his bold claim of talking about the future of gaming. Between me and you, that teaser is underwhelming. How about showing us something we can relate to, not just rendered scenes that are pointless.

Speaking of which, it’s likely no coincidence that Jade Raymond has recently announced that she has joined Google as a VP. A VP of what hasn’t been stated. Willing to bet we’ll find out more about this soon.

A fourth player would be interesting and I’m not opposed to one either. Except, whatever Google is planning to show off, it has to be a complete package. It needs to have the power to compete against Sony and Microsoft’s current and upcoming consoles. It needs to have companies that are willing to develop and more than anything, it has to have comfortable controllers. No, wait, it needs to have a plan. Is this going to be a streaming-only affair, will it use physical media? Can we use it for more than just gaming? Will it run Android? No, I’m quite serious here on that last point. If it’s running Android, that might be a huge detractor for many.

I suppose we’ll get our answers and more when the 2019 Game Developers Console starts and Google puts on its song and dance. I pray it’s a good one.

Google’s GDC keynote starts on 3.19.2019 at 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT. I’ll be waiting, will you?