Sony announced late last year that it was skipping E3 which shocked the entire industry, but they’ve today detailed to several outlets about why they thought it was the right time.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios chairman, Shawn Layden said to Game Informer that it’s a mixture of the fact that E3 has failed to evolve over the years (to balance the fact that it’s become a show for consumers as well as the industry) but it’s also down to the fact that Sony doesn’t have a story to tell for 2019 in June.

“There was functionally no internet then. So, fast forward 22, 23 years. In our business, we conclude all of our major retail activities at an event we call Destination PlayStation which occurs in February. The media landscape has changed, which you know better than anybody, and with the internet being on 24-7, there is no silent periods where people aren’t getting game news.” said Layden to Game Informer detailing the way that the industry news cycle has changed.

“This year, coming to 2019, I’ll be honest – we just didn’t have a new story to tell. And when Sony rings the bell for everyone to come ‘round, they have an expectation for something that is completely new and amazing. We looked at the lineup and we can probably only give fans a lot of updates on things they already know, so how does this work for us?”

Well that’s that then. The rumors about why Sony was skipping E3 are sort of confirmed with there being nothing they have to say in 2019. With 2018 being a huge year for Sony with amazing games like Spider-Man and God of War taking down multiple Game of the Year awards, it would be hard for Sony to top that… Unless they want to announce the Playstation 5 anytime soon.

You can read the full interview between Shawn Layden and Game Informer here.

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