So that’s it. You finally put the screws to the final bad guy in Resident Evil 2. You’ve escaped and now you’re heading to Disney World to celebrate. That is if it isn’t overrun yet.

But what about those poor souls that have been left behind? Did they make it out or succumb to a cruel fate? That’s what Resident Evil 2: TheGhost Survivors is all about. An “What if” adventure that places you in the roles of Robert Kendo, the owner of the Kendo Gun Store, Katherine Warren, daughter of Raccoon City’s mayor, and some unnamed Umbrella soldier who wishes his name was Hunk. Can you give these characters a happy ending?

Game Name: Resident Evil 2 Ghost Survivors
Platform(s): PC (reviewed), PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Publisher(s): Capcom
Developer(s):  Capcom
Release Date:  February 15, 2019
Price: Free

In each of the scenarios, you’ll attempt to guide each of these poor souls through the now exploding or overpopulated zombie apocalypse. Armed with just the weapons in their backpacks, some ammo, and other accessories, you’ll face a multitude of enemies that you’ve encountered in the main campaigns. As well as a few other new enemies such as paled skin zombies that can only be taken down with stronger weapons. Or poison-filled red-eyed zombies that poison you if you kill them while they’re too close to you. Both of which provide an extra challenge, making it even harder at times than the 4th Survivor mode.

resident evil 2 ghost survivors DLC ss-03

Um, you’re in my way. I’m trying to escape here

Thankfully, these new modes include a new feature to help you with your last chance run. Scattered through the levels are item dispensers, that will provide you with a multitude of items, however, you’ll one be able to select one. As well as backpack-wielding zombies that will include extra ammo, weapons, and even a zombie that has fuel tanks strapped to their back. These guys are great for clearing our entire rooms if you use them strategically. One well placed zombie and one placed shoot does wonder in a bad situation.

Each run will definitely provide with more than a few rage-inducing moments, as you get closer your goal. Eventually, you’ll learn which route is the correct route, as well as knowing which enemy needs to be put down first. Figuring out the enemy type and what they can/can’t do will go along way to helping plan accordingly. I felt there was the right amount of action, with plenty of moments where I thought that a certain segment was simply impossible. At the same time, I can see where this sort of gameplay may put off some people. Mainly, those who don’t like to be rushed. Fortunately for me, I love this sort of gameplay. My keyboard and mouse, on the other hand, may not agree with that statement.

My only complaint is in every scenario when you get close to the end the difficulty spikes up. We’re talking about getting swarmed by a bunch of zombies at once, and could be considered nearly impossible. Sure you can turn down the difficulty, however, if you do then your times won’t be recorded. It also cheapens the experience, so I wouldn’t recommend during this for any reason other than learning the placement and correct route.

Review: The Resident Evil 2 Ghost Survivors - What happens After You've Saved The Day 1

Some people just like watching zombies burn

While Ghost Survivors is a pretty straightforward experience where you try to escape the hellish environment, and fight against the clock. It’s also disappointing as we’ve already done this with the 4th Survivor mode.  For a free DLC, it’s not bad at all. I just wanted to get some more story-based DLC. As it stands, you can beat each mission in about 10 – 15 minutes… eventually. Right off the back, unless you’re superhuman, it’s going to take you a bit longer to complete. Still, once it’s over, it’s over. 

Now that the gameplay bit is over, I have to talk about the sound direction in this DLC. Sure, while Resident Evil 2‘s sound direct was amazing, I was actually surprised at how good it is here. While we get one re-used theme from the 4th Survivor, the rest of the themes are really good. Especially the one for Kendo. Kudos to Capcom again for always producing some of the best game music out there. 

Ultimately the DLC is a good idea and one that’s implemented well. Plenty of tension, with gameplay that forces you to think versus blindly firing all your ammo away. I just don’t think it will appeal to everyone. Hardcore gamers and speedrunners will try best to shave off a few seconds on every run they do. While casual gamers may likely beat it and never go back to it. Which is a real shame, especially finally crossing the finish line is an experience that makes you pump your fists in victory. I know sure the heck did. For those who do check it out, make sure you do all three scenarios, as there’s a fourth scenario that is unlocked after you beat them all. I also happen to think it’s the best out of all of them.

resident evil 2 ghost survivors DLC ss-04

This guy obviously made the wrong turn

Hopefully, now that this has been released, we’ll see some more DLC that pushes the narrative of the game. Like maybe why Chief Irons was such a creep and how Ben ended up in that jail cell.

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For a free DLC, Resident Evil 2 Ghost Survivors isn’t bad – unless you’re not a fan timed runs and minimalist approaches. With an amazing sound direction, as well as several compelling scenarios, it’s definitely worth giving a try. Be forewarned, some of these are even more stress-inducing than the 4th survivor. My only complaint is that I wish this was story-driven. Maybe we’ll see this next time.


  • A nice perspective from those who aren’t the heroes
  • Sound direction is really amazing
  • It’s free


  • Once you beat them you may never play it again
  • Some of the scenarios are really cheap
  • Not story-based
  • Damned poison zombies

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