In case you don’t know, there’s an internet show out there called Death Battle, and it takes the matchups that we as fans have thought of and debated (and some we haven’t and are stunned we haven’t before) and puts them to the test in a dissection using real science and math. Then, when all the feats are calculated, they put the 2 (or more) combatants in a duel to the death. There must be a winner.

Death Battle Season 6 has officially arrived, and with it comes a highly requested match between DC Comics Aquaman (who has been having a resurgence in popularity thanks to his massively successful film) and Marvel Comics Namor The Sub-Mariner (who has been a big focus in Marvel Comics as of late). This matchup was originally scheduled for Season 5, but they pushed it here to start off Season 6 with a bang.

While I won’t spoil the battle for you (hint: the King of Atlantis won *wink*), the battle is very fun, and you can tell they did some new things in the animation which could make Season 6 the most fun season yet! And wait until you see the reveal for the next one!

So don’t miss out, check out the Death Battle below, then share it around with your friends!

What are you waiting for? Oh, right, *ahem*, “It’s time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!!!!!!’

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