Vancouver Titans skins, Image via Blizzard

The Overwatch League Expansion Team Skins Are Here

You Know You Want That Pink One…

The Overwatch League may not be coming back until February 14, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start getting excited about the new expansion teams.  There’s eight new teams coming into the league for season two, and what better way to show off your support for your favorite expansion team than wearing their skins in the game.  

It’s been nearly one year to the day since the first of the Overwatch League skins hit the game.  Today the expansion teams join the fun.  A 1.84 GB patch added the home and away skins for all eight of the expansion teams to the game and fills out the menu in the Overwatch League tab.  Fans can now see how these teams are going to look for both their home and away matches.  

Like the skins for the original teams the home skins feature the primary colors of the selected team along with that teams logo and name on the character.  Also like before the skins can be purchased for 100 League Tokens each.  Separate from loot boxes or the currency in the game these tokens are $4.99 per 100 with discounts for larger bundles.  This means that each of these new skins will cost you about $5.00.  

New is the option to preview the away skins for each character and team with a button press.  Paying to unlock the home skin for any character will also unlock the away skin as well.  Useful since some of the away skins look just as good as their home counterparts.  

Just like last year there’s more ways to show your support for your favorite team.  Sprays, which can be equipped by all characters, for the new eight teams have been added to the game.  Icons as well so that you can show support in your profile.  

The expansion teams are bringing a lot of colors to Overwatch and the game has never looked brighter.  It’s still too early to get a jersey for these new teams, but now you can represent your team in the game itself, and isn’t that where it really matters?