If you thought that Epic Games wasn’t completely serious about trying to cut into Steam’s market share, then perhaps this will. 

It’s not usual for certain gaming storefronts to offer free games from time to time. GOG has been doing it for a while (they’re offering SOMA right now), and as does Steam, just not as often. However, when Epic arrived on the scene, they had started offering free games as a way to attract people to their store. Now it seems they’re going to continue to do this.

Previously they released Subnautica for free when the storefront launched, now they’ve announced their next free title – Super Meat Boy. Head on over to the store to claim your copy between today and up until Jan. 10, 2018. As for Subnautica, it’s too late to claim it now – unless you can travel back in time. However, Epic isn’t stopping there and has posted on their website that they’re going to be releasing a free game every two weeks. Free as in once you claim it, it’s yours for as long as their online store is in existence – or they change their minds.


There wasn’t any other info posted about this, so we’ve reached out to them regarding this. We’ll update this article if/when they get back to us.

Even still, a free game every two weeks is pretty sweet. That comes to 26 free games every week or a free game instead of you having to pay for it right when your paycheck arrives. As to what games that will be free or how they choice them, we haven’t a clue. 

Epic Games store launched during the 2018 The Game Awards show and well, the rest is history.

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