Dragon Ball: Project Z was the new mystery project announced by Bandai-Namco late in 2018 with a “sometime in 2019” release date. At the time it was announced, we knew nothing about the game at all. Well today Bandai-Namco dropped the announcement trailer on it’s Youtube channel and Twitter… And the results are… Disappointing.

After touting the lackluster-yet-successful Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (And it’s abundance of DLC) and the extremely successful Dragon Ball Fighters Z (which just got a Season 2 DLC announcement) from previous years, we are brought into the story behind Dragon Ball: Project Z… And it’s another retelling of fucking Dragon Ball Z!


For those who do not understand my frustration haven’t played a Dragon Ball Z game in the past 2 decades; because every god damn game did the same thing: Retell every part of the Dragon Ball Z Saga from the Saiyan Saga through Cell Saga, and sometimes beyond. Now what made games like Xenoverse and FighterZ enjoyable was the fact that they changed up the same very stale Dragon Ball story formula, including actually making a new story with FighterZ. So now we’re going back to the tired boring well again in Project Z; and people are understandably upset.


Story aside, the graphics and the promise of an open world action RPG using the Dragon Ball brand is enough for me to consider dropping cash money on the game on launch. But given that word around the grapevine and from what we see in the trailer shows that we will be getting at minimum everything from the Saiyan and Namek Sagas, with things going out till the end of the Cell or Buu Sagas, it could be interesting enough to keep players distracted from the fact that they are playing the same game for the 800th time. Also it looks like Cyber Connect 2 are involved in Project Z as well, meaning that the open world will at least be something decent.

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Dragon Ball: Project Z (God I hope the title changes) is due out sometime in 2019 on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Steam (Sorry Switch owners, you’ll have to get the very different Dragon Ball Heroes instead).


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