Twitch Rivals went down on Monday night and it invited 20 speed runners to compete in Capcom’s Mega Man 11. The format was pretty simple. All 20 runners started off in a no reset race so that each one of them could record a time and become ranked. After that, they had the remainder of a four hour block to get in as many runs in as possible in order to get the fastest time. Whoever ended up with the fastest time at the end of the four hour block would take home $5,000 which is, to date, the largest prize pool offered for speed running a video game.

Twitch Rivals: Mega Man 11 Produces New World Record

Breakdown of the prize money offered to the runners

The 20 runners that took part in the Twitch Rivals event were as follows:

  • Karterfreak
  • Cosmicsense
  • Reabs
  • QTTSix
  • Calebhart42
  • Supertwou
  • Fastatcc
  • Mrcab55
  • Prisii3
  • Faraakzhan
  • Sincevanilla_
  • Einea5mk
  • Samura1man
  • Ryukahr
  • Dennsen86
  • DS83171
  • CrazyApeBoy
  • MooMooAkai
  • Strizer86
  • ExChapters

Before this event, QTTSix and Fastatcc have been in a battle to get the world’s first sub 34 in Mega Man 11. For the past couple of weeks, the two of them have been trading the world record back and forth. Coming into the event, Fastatcc had the world record at 34:07; however, at around 1 am in the morning, QTTSix scored the world’s first 33:XX with a 33:59 time which allowed him to walk into the event as the world record holder and the only person in the world with a 33.

Then, something happened during Twitch Rivals. QTTSix got in a great run and scored, yet another, world record with a 33:54! Before this, QTTSix had the fastest time out of all 20 runners with Fastatcc only having a time 0.3 seconds slower than QTTSix’s. Once the world record happened, Fastacc knew he had his work cut out for him. Karterfreak, Comicsense, and Prisii were all knocking on the door with 34:XX times and many felt we could have seen quite a few attempts at the world record last night.

In the end, nobody else was able to get a 33 causing QTTSix to win the event and take home the $5,000.

For those interested, here are the final times at the end of the 4-hour block:

Twitch Rivals: Mega Man 11 Produces New World Record

Now… if only I could stop being lazy and improve my 66:06 casual run in the game to something more respectable. Maybe one day…

Congratulations to all of the runners who took part in Twitch Rivals!

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