Super Smash Bros Ultimate World Of Light

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Gets Infinity War Trailer

Needless to say, people are pretty shocked still from what happened yesterday during the final Nintendo Direct for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. It unveiled new characters, new game modes, and many surprises that fans didn’t see coming. And the capper of it all was the debut trailer of “World of Light”, the story mode for Ultimate that is in the vein of sorts of Subspace Emissary. In said trailer, just about every Nintendo character “died” via a seraph-like creature. And that got people thinking…did Nintendo just copy Marvel?

After all, Infinity War came out earlier in the year, and the big draw there was half of the Avengers being killed by a single snap. And here, the Smash Bros cast got killed pretty much in the blink of an eye by an array of light beams. Very similar. So, someone decided to merge Super Smash Bros Ultimate with Infinity War’s first trailer. And the following was the result, and it’s awesome:

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