The hype for Super Smash Bros Ultimate is reaching a fever pitch, and with a little over a month now until its release, Nintendo knew it had to strike while the iron was hot. And due to that, they released one final Nintendo Direct about what the game would be like, and what the entire roster would be like in terms of base game characters. So, shall we dig in?

First and foremost, the final two base game characters have been confirmed. The first is Ken from Street Fighter. Specifically, the version from Super Street Fighter II Turbo. He will be an Echo character for Ryu, obviously, but, he does have many things that make him somewhat different. Including variations of moves and a different Final Smash.

The other new character is Incineroar from Pokemon Sun & Moon. This Pokemon is one that uses a lot of wrestling moves, so it’ll play much differently than all the other Pokemon in the game. Sakurai confirmed that these are indeed the last two “base characters”. Meaning, that when the game launches, it’ll have a 74-character roster.

However, that doesn’t mean that the roster is complete. Sakurai confirmed that the team is working of 5 DLC characters that will be released within the first year or so of Super Smash Bros Ultimate coming out. We got no teases as to who will be in the pack. However, he did confirm that due to the nature of Ultimate, there will be no returning fighters (because everyone is already in the game), and there will be no more Echo fighters. So all characters will be unique. Furthermore, you can get a “Battle Pass” to get them without issue or worry. Each fighter will come with a new stage and music.

But in a twist there will be a “limited-time offer” character in the form of…Pirahna Plant. Yes, from the Super Mario series. This character will be free to those who pre-order the game digitally, or, register their physical copy of the game before a time in January 2019. No release date for Pirahna Plant has been given, but due to how Sakurai worded the reveal, he will NOT be a part of the Battle Pass.

The other big reveal is that of the “Spirits” mode. This is one that has also been teased for a while, but not like what was shown in the Direct. The mode will allow you to find and “free” characters from games all over the history of gaming. Including titles that have never been on a Nintendo platform. By freeing these “spirits”, you’ll be able to use their power in battle, including fighting other players with spirits of their own. This mode looks to be a true celebration of gaming, as well as being a fun twist on how Super Smash Bros has done things in the past. As they’re using this mode to substitute the trophies that are usually in the series.

There were plenty of other reveals, including new modes like “Elite Battles”, where you can fighter higher quality opponents based on your Global Smash Ranking. The ability to do Co-Op battles on one Switch. Confirmations of online abilities, and more.

Finally, Super Smash Bros Ultimate will have a brand new adventure mode called “World Of Light”. This top down board-game esque mode will follow the Smash Bros Fighters (starting with Kirby), as they aim to try and save the world from a monster that has transformed everyone into the Spirits that are seen in the new mode.

To watch the full direct, click the video below. Super Smash Bros Ultimate arrives on Nintendo Switch on December 7th.


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