Much of the collective gaming world is waiting for December 7th to arrive. Why? Because that’s the release date for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The fighting game is hyped to the Nth degree, and for good reason. Nintendo has been slowly building it up over the last few months, and now, with less than one month until the game is fully realized (minus the DLC of course), gamers can’t wait to get their hands on it.

Following the latest Nintendo Direct for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, we know the full roster. “Everyone Is Here”, and the game has some new faces as well. So, Nintendo decided to released a very special new trailer for the game showing off much of the roster battling each other. Including doing so in ways that’ll create some fun memes. Check it out below.

Leave it to Nintendo to bring the house down when it comes to the fight scenes. It doesn’t even need epic battle music, the visuals speak for themselves, and that’s something truly special.

Now, while the main launch roster is all set for the game, the DLC roster is still up for grabs, and people are looking for any and all possible clues as to who made the cut. Even asking companies directly if their character is in. Such as…Ronald McDonald:

As many point out, this isn’t a true “no”. So who knows, maybe we’ll see a future trailer stating…”Ronald McDonald Brings A Happy Meal!”

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