The Black Friday-Cyber Monday period in November is one of the most important sales periods of the year for all industries. Video games especially, as it’s a great time for people to get games for various others before the Christmas season. Nintendo really loves this season, as they get a lot of sales during it. But this year, Nintendo didn’t just do good, they dominated. For not only did their games sell amazingly, but their console, the Nintendo Switch set sales records.

While specific numbers were not given about how much the Nintendo Switch sold, Nintendo did comment on the overall progress of that weekend in terms of sales:

Nintendo Switch set two new records from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday: It became the best-selling Nintendo console in U.S. history for that five-day period, surpassing even Wii system sales. Nintendo Switch also had its best-selling week ever in the United States. In fact, according to Adobe Analytics, Nintendo Switch was among the most-purchased items online on Thanksgiving Day and the overall top-selling video game product online for the Black Friday-Cyber Monday time period.

Strong demand resulted in shoppers buying more than $250 million in Nintendo products from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, according to Nintendo’s internal sales figures.

That’s incredibly impressive, not the least of which was because the Wii was the best-selling Nintendo console ever, and it beat that. It’ll be very interesting to see the next quarterly report to see how much the Switch sales figures have jumped. It was just under 23 million at the end of September, so I’d be shocked if it wasn’t at 25 million or more right now.

As for the games, much like in the UK, Switch titles had some really good sales in the US. Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee have crossed 1.5 million in the US, and Super Mario Party has crossed 1 million. Making it the fastest-selling game in the series.

Oh, and don’t forget, Super Smash Bros is coming…


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