Get Ready For TwitchCon Europe Coming In 2019

Not content with having their massive streamer and content event, TwitchCon. Twitch has announced plans to take their convention across the ocean in 2019, with TwitchCon Europe in 2019.

The very first overseas convention for Twitch will take place on April 13-14, 2019, and will take place in CityCube, Germany. Other than the location, nothing else has changed. All streamers and content creators from everywhere are invited (assuming you can get a ticket). Speaking of tickets, they aren’t on sale quite yet. But not to worry, Twitch will be letting everyone know when those do go on sale. 

Twitch is sure you all have a ton of questions regarding their recent decision. As such, they’ve set up an FAQ for you to check out, here

So, yeah. TwitchCon is getting even bigger and I’m sure this will help those who love TwitchCon but can’t afford to travel that far. That and now there’s going to be two different TwitchCon events in 2019 and beyond. Like another event that caters to gamers and geek culture.


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