Inti Creates released a trailer for their upcoming 2D action RPG Dragon: Marked for Death. While we have seen trailers before, this one revealed the release date of January 31, 2019! The release date is the same for Japan, North America, and Europe! The game is slated for release exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

Japan will receive both a physical and digital release on January 31 while the rest of the world will receive a digital-only release at first with a physical release coming soon after. The game will also be released in the West in two packs with those being the Empress/Warrior Pack and the Shinobi/Witch Pack. The game is being developed by many team members who were responsible for the Mega Man Zero series and was first announced back in 2017.

The game supports one to four players that can play cooperatively either locally or online. There are four classes that you can play as and if the packs didn’t give them away, they are: Empress, Warrior, Shinobi, and Witch. Stages are said to be extremely long, ranging between 200 to 400 screens. There are also over 30 main quests and many side quests to take part in.

You can view the newest trailer for Dragon: Marked for Death below:



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