Black Widow

Horror movie director twins to write new Black Widow comic

After penning a story for the upcoming Avengers Halloween Special #1 and coming hot off finishing their latest horror movie, a remake of David Cronenberg’s 1977 film Rabid; independent horror movie directing twins The Soska Sisters are getting right into the comic book writing game by doing their first series starring MARVEL comics mainstay Black Widow. This announcement came during the Woman of Marvel panel at New York Comic Con. The twins will write the series while the art of the books will be done by Flaviano Armentaro.

Cover to Black Widow #1

The Soska sisters spoke to Bustle about the upcoming series, their take on Natasha, and the revealed plot details. The series will see Black Widow heading to the island nation of Madripoor. It turns out a criminal ring has been abducting children and posting their deaths on the dark web. In response, Black Widow decides to bring down the entire organization, by any means necessary.

The book will also deal with the fallout from 2017’s Secret Empire story. The event ended with Black Widow killed during a fight with the Hydra-warped version of Steve Rogers. It was revealed in the buildup to Infinity Wars that when Natasha Romanov died, her consciousness was transferred into a clone body.

The Soska Sisters

Jen Soska revealed the circumstances of her death has left Natasha a bit more outwardly angry than the more reserved takes on her in the past. “Our Natasha will be true to the Natasha we all love,” she said, “but she is not in a good mood. You won’t see her feeling bad for putting more red on her ledger. She enjoys what she does. She’s damn good at it. She’s fearless. She’s lethal. She’s unstoppable. She’s the last person you want coming for you. Our Natasha isn’t following anyone’s rules so she’s completely unleashed.”

Sylvia elaborated, explaining how exploring Natasha’s more complicated feelings on going all out shade the character in an interesting (and even frightening) way. “There’s a trend with female characters in entertainment to make them softer, more gentle, have guilt over their actions, be remorseful,” she explained. “And I think it can be damaging to the more complex feelings of a character. This story gets into Nat’s roots, what kind of damage, and I mean real damage, a Black Widow can do and especially when she’s doing things on her own terms. Fans of Widow will be happy to see her be scarier than we’re used to.”

The Soska Sisters are no strangers to the realm of comics, having spent time earlier in the year writing (with Deadpool writier Daniel Way), directing, producing and starring in a Deadpool spoof called “TWINPOOL” (See video above) for Woman in Horror Month 9. The twins are huge Deadpool fans, willing to share their love of comics, horror and even prowrestling with anyone who will listen. The Soska Sisters are the definition of “living your fucking dreams” as they have worked with WWE‘s Kane in See No Evil 2, and recently former WWE/UFC Star CM Punk. Now heading into the comic realm, the sisters plan on bringing their own brand of writing and storytelling to Black Widow.

Black Widow #1 by Jen and Sylvia Soska and Flaviano is scheduled to be released in January.