DC Comics and Warner Bros are going all-out with their CW series this year. For not only do they have not one, not two, but FIVE shows on CW going on at the same time (which they didn’t do last “season” when Black Lightning debuted in January), but they’re going all-out for their crossover, which is going to be called “Elseworlds”. We know that through this crossover we’ll get the debut of Kate Kane, aka Batwoman (played by Ruby Rose), but we also know that this will feature Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl interacting with the lady Bat.

Stephen Amell (who plays Arrow) teased that the first Elseworlds poster would come today, and he was right. Here it is:


If you’re checking your eyes, no need, this is indeed a poster with Oliver Queen as The Flash, and Barry Allen as Green Arrow. This naturally fueled speculation as to who else might be getting a “swap” in terms of origins and abilities.

This lends well to the other leaked pictures from the crossover, including the CW version of Superman wearing the legendary black outfit from “Death of Superman”.

For those who don’t know, Elseworlds is a line of DC Comics books that depict alternate versions of history where certain things didn’t happen like they do in the main universe. For those who are primarily Marvel Comics readers, it’s like “What if…” stories.

Either way though, things are shaping up to be quite epic this December.

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