Capcom Addresses Monster Hunter World PC Content Concerns And Technical Issues

Update – If you happen to lose controller support after updating to the Autumn Harvest Fest update, we know the fix. All you need to do is disable the Steam beta in the client. Once you do that, Steam will restart and remove the beta. Then you’ll have access to your controller again.

Ever since Monster Hunter World was released onto the PC, there has been the concern that the PC version would not catch up to the console releases.

We’ve seen this be the case so far, despite Capcom mentioning that the PC schedule would be accelerated. Even now, while the Autumn Harvest Fest update will be going live later today. The monster known as Kulve Taroth hasn’t been made accessible yet. Which is worrisome as it’s been available on both the PS4 and Xbox One from April – August 2018. However, it seems that Capcom has been reading some of the feedback and has made a statement about this.

First and foremost, thanks everyone for providing both positive and constructive feedback on Monster Hunter: World.

Upon releasing the Autumn Harvest Fest Update, some fans have inquired about the status and release timing of Kulve Taroth. We wanted to assure everyone that it’s being worked on right now and we’re aiming towards a release sometime in early November barring any unforeseen issues.

We understand fans are eagerly waiting for this update and ask that you wait just a bit longer while we put our finishing touches before she greets you all. Thanks for your patience!

Hopefully, this means that we’ll see and get to slay the beast at the beginning of November. 

That’s not all, as they’ve finally addressed the texture issue that has also plagued the PC version. There are multiple textures in the game that being rendered correctly, regardless of the graphical option selected by the player. Capcom assures us that this is also being worked on now. WHich is great, considering that players have had to use a 3rd party mod to overcome this issue. 

As for the next Title Update, we will start incorporating certain features and tweaks that many fans have asked for. Below are a couple of examples:

Texture Streaming Functionality
During character creation and in-game cutscenes, textures weren’t always loading the most optimal quality setting. This will be addressed.

Improved keyboard controls are also coming. This follows the updated mouse support that was released in a recent patch.

It’s nice to see that Capcom hasn’t abandoned the PC version. Those concerns were definitely out there as owners of the PC version (including myself) were starting to feel neglected. Here’s to hoping we’ll see those updates and missing features sooner than later.

Now if only there was an update regarding G-Rank being added to the game. C’mon Capcom, we could really use that to extend the longevity of the game.

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