Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was one of the first games officially announced for the Nintendo Switch when it was revealed to the world in force in January of 2017. When it released later that year, it was an instant hit, getting over 1 million in sales in less than a month. The game has since done well by continuing the flow of content via DLC and the Expansion Pass. There’s been new Blades to get, modes to play, and more. And now, the latest DLC is a story expansion via Torna – The Golden Country.

This DLC takes Xenoblade Chronicles 2 back 500 years before the main story of the game to reveal the events that led to the main story. Including the fate of Torna itself, what set Malos, Jin, Mythra, Addam, and more on their path, and how certain events transpired.

Many are wondering though if Torna – The Golden Country will be the true last piece of DLC for the game. In an interview with Nintendo Life, producer Tetsuya Takahashi confirmed this to be true:

 No. Right now we are actually planning for Torna – The Golden Country to be the final content for Xenoblade Chronicles 2. … There are no plans for any additional content for Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

While this will make some sad, it should be noted that due to the game’s success, and potential success of the Torna expansion, there is a high likelihood of a fourth core title (there was Xenoblade Chronicles X before Xenoblade Chronicles 2). And Monolith Soft has confirmed their desire to make it.

Stay tuned for our review of Torna – The Golden Country, and if you haven’t gotten the main game yet, you can check out our review of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 here.


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