Telltale Games Might Be Finishing ‘The Walking Dead’ After All

Last week, the news broke suddenly that Telltale Games would be shutting down and all future planned projects would be cancelled. This included The Walking Dead: The Final Season, which has already released 1 of the 4 originally planned episodes. However, a Tweet from Telltale themselves suggests that “potential partners” may be helping the studio by investing in the final two incomplete episodes. 

This is good news for The Walking Dead fans, and those who would like to see a formal conclusion to the title that made a name for Telltale Games when season 1 first released in 2012. However, it’s not clear who these “potential partners” are, and the key word here is “potential”. Furthermore, when the news broke that Telltale was in the process of closing their studio down, the majority of staff were laid off without notice. Will a portion of the original staff be re-hired to work on the final two episodes, or will investors bring their own talent to work on the series? While the specifics have yet to be revealed, it’s nice to see that Clementine’s story might get its well-deserved ending, and that outside partners felt compelled to help the studio complete this one final project.


Episode 2 of The Walking DeadThe Final Season will drop tomorrow, September 25, as initially planned.