Soul Calibur VI: Cervantes Leaked Again? Reveal Trailer!

 Cervantes Soul Calibur VI

Never have I seen a character leaked multiple times but, here we are! Soul Calibur’s Cervantes was leaked once before and he’s been leaked again. This time with a reveal trailer! Check it out!

Of course we already have pros analyzing what we’ve seen in the trailer and it’s lookin like Cervy will still be familiar to those legacy players.

Check out the new trailer for Libra of Soul, Soul Calibur’s second story mode based around character customization and the series newcomer Azwel’s reveal if you’re craving more souls. For more info on Soul Calibur VI featuring Geralt from The Witcher and its great array of new mechanics be sure to follow The Outerhaven!

*Update* Cervantes is now officially revealed by Bandai Namco!


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