After almost two years (not counting last year’s Christmas Special) Doctor Who will return. While a new season of the show is always cause for celebration, there are a few new additions. Namely, a new doctor and the show’s first female one. Jodie Whitaker, who technically made her debut during the aforementioned Christmas special, will take the reigns of the TARDIS this fall. The new season will also boast a new a new showrunner, as Chris Chibnall replaces Steven Moffat. 

Since the new season is just around the corner, the BBC has released what will probably be the final trailer before the show debuts. The first teaser released this past July showcased the new companions. Unlike previous trailers for the show, this one is fairly light on information. But it looks cool. And if looking cool was enough of a justification for the 11th Doctor’s eclectic wardrobe, then it’s good enough to get us hyped for a new season. 

Despite being light on the details (and heavy on the running), the trailer does remind us that we don’t have long to wait. Doctor Who arrives on Sunday, October 7th.  

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