There’s still a bit of a wait until Doctor Who returns this fall. But in the meantime, the BBC has revealed the first teaser for the 11th season (or series, across the pond). The clip aired during the World Cup final between France and Croatia this past Sunday. The teaser introduces us to three new companions, Ryan, Yasmin, and Graham. 

And of course, we have Jodie Whitaker as The Doctor, who first appeared at the end of last year’s Christmas Special. Whitaker, the 13th Doctor, took over from Peter Capaldi’s 12th at the end of the multi-Doctored special entitled “Twice Upon a Time.”

But wait, there’s more. If you look at the magazine that Graham is reading, it may seem familiar. That’s because it’s the same issue of British children’s comic The Beano that Matt Smith’s Doctor read. According to Mashable, British journalist Lizo Mzimba first caught the callback to 2013 episode “The Rings of Akhaten.” 

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