Arika has finally released the awaited update for their labor of love fighting game, Fighting EX Layer. In this update not only are we receiving a plethora of updates to check out from a long change log but we’re also finally able to play as the 2 new DLC characters Pullum Purna and Volcano Rosso free of charge! 

No word on the future Terry Bogard DLC just yet.

We also received an array of bug fixes and have listed the changes below straight from Arika themselves! Keep in mind not all the updates are fully detailed.

[Ver 1.1.0 Adjustments, Fixes, Changes] 
Ver 1.1.0 Adjust, correct, change

The Following Gougi Were Adjusted: 
-Meter Power 
-Heads or Tails 
-EX Arrow

-The makeup of the Babel Deck was changed. 

-The Corner system was fixed.

-The range on Cross-ups was fixed. 
· Fixed reaction distance corrected

-The following Normals were adjusted: 

-Shirase (stMP) 

-Kairi (StHP, CrHP) 
-Garuda (StMP, CrHP) 
-Skullomania (CrHP) 

-Doctrine Dark (crHP) 
-Blair (crHP) 

-Jack (crHP) 
-Shadowgeist (crHP) 

-Hayate (crHP) 

-Sanane (stMP, stHP, crHP) 

-Hokuto (stMP) 

-The following characters had certain Special Moves adjusted: 



Shirase, Hokuto 

-The move [Shin] had its invincibility time altered and it is now throwable. 


– Kienbu’s hitbox has been adjusted. 


– [Darun Catch] was adjusted. 
His hurt box while in a blowback state was adjusted. 
Adjusted the hit judgment for some of the motivated motions 
– [Twilight Lariat] was adjusted. 

Doctrine Dark 

MP, MK, HP, HK all had their damaged adjusted. 
Hurt box while in a blow back state was adjusted. 
. [EX Prominence] had its hit property adjusted 

– [Skullohead] had its Damage adjusted. 
– [Skullodive] had its Damage adjusted. 


MP, MK, HP, HK all had their damaged adjusted.
crHP was adjusted on hit. 
– [Sliding Arrow] will now work on opponents who have Hades activated. 

– [Crazy Jack Upper] was adjusted on hit. 

Along with the corner system, [Kasumi – Oroshi] has been adjusted. 

-LP and MP versions of [Kamaitachi] had their startup frames adjusted. 

-HP version of [Kamaitachi] had its damage adjusted. 

– [Oborozuki] had its damage adjusted.  
– [Tsumujikagerou: Kyoku] had its damage adjusted. 
* [Kamaitachi] also had its animation corrected. 

-The situations after the following Throws were adjusted. 

-Kairi: Forward Throw 

-Shirase: Forward Throw, Back Throw

-Allen: Forward Throw 

-Jack: Command Throw 
-Blaire: Forward Throw, Back Throw 

– Sanane: Forward Throw, Back Throw 
-Hokuto : Forward Throw, Back Throw Hot Fronting , Throwing Back

Fixed a problem of putting it in the back of the opponent after throwing towards the wall behind their opponent after throwing them in the corner was fixed.

Text Messages were added to Arcade Mode. 

-2 additional Characters (Rosso, Pullum) were added. 

-The voice actors for Pullum and Rossi have added added to the Credits. 

-Expert Missions were added for Rosso and Pullum. 

– Color type: Gold has not been added for Rosso and Pullum
– Added color type A and B for Rosso, Pullum 

-CPU versions of Rosso and Pullum were added. 

-2 additional Stages were added. 4 Stages total

-The appearance conditions for certain CPU opponents in Arcade Mode have been changed. 

-Sanane’s move [YAYOI TOUGONGI] was difficult to see on some stages, so the shading has been fixed. 

– The Player Information display has been fixed when entering a Casual Match. 

Fixed 1 Bar Connections:. As a test in ver1.1.0, 1-Bar connections will be able to match with others and appear on search results so long as they meet their opponent’s search criteria 


▼ Fixes to the Fighting Game Engine 
▼ Fixed a bug affecting competing games

– Fixed 
so that it became unbeatable during inactivity time after throw-off failure was established.

– Fixed an issue where Garuda’s [KIENBU] would slow down when moving forward. 

– Fixed an issue where D. Dark’s [Dark Shackle] would grab opponents who were not supposed to be able to be grabbed 

– Fixed an issue where Hard Attack (Guard Break) was not being affected by the Gougi 

– Fixed a problem where the critical effect was reset at the moment command throw was issued 

-The effect of disrupt was fixed so [Throws are not affected by increases to attack power. They will only consume 1 bar of Super Meter.]

– Fixed an issue where easy combo could be issued from special skill during dash

▼ Fixes to the System 
▼ Fixed a system problem

– Fixed a problem where setting a CPU opponent without meter to perform a reversal Super Combo would cause them to super when they build the meter.

– Fixed a problem that guarded an attack that the CPU character can not guard at landing when it got landing on the CPU opponents were able to block moves on .

– Fixed a problem that the reversal display may not be displayed if the reversal is serially issued in succession.

– Fixed a problem that a communication error occurs when moving the cursor upwards from your ranking on the leader board.

– Fixed a bug that the synchronization shifted at the same time as the game started by rank match with the start of a Ranked Match.

– Fixed a rare issue where players would proceed to the game even after receiving a time – out error in an Online Match. 

– Fixed a problem that the game screen rarely progressed in case of time – out error in online matchup.

▼ Other – 
-Fixed an issue where a small memory leak would occur when going to different screens from the Main Menu. 

– Fixed an issue where effects for demo demonstrations are erased one frame earlier than the end of the demonstration.

– Fixed a problem that your character appeared while sliding while appearing in an opponent against a Shadowgeist as opposed to the intro against Shadowgeist .

– Fixed a problem that does not shift to victory effect between rounds when KO is done by throwing behind D. Dark ‘s an opponent with D. Dark ‘s back throw. .

– Fixed a problem that the cursor on the OPTION menu of the training mode disappears – in the training mode the cursor would disappear from the option menu in Training Mode .

– Fixed a problem that the tab of the OPTION menu of the training mode stays in dark in the dock in the menu menu in Training Mode .

– Fixed a problem that certain buttons do not work when closing the pause menu with the button pressed.

– Fixed an issue where certain buttons will be pressed again when closing the pause menu with the button pressed. .

– Fixed an issue when you participate in a casual match by receiving an invitation from expert mode ending screen, return to main menu when ending screening cause is Matching Status to disappear on ending screen with cause. Fixed an issue where the matching status disappears.

– Fixed an issue where the Sound Effects would repeat upon building a bar of Super Meter. 
– The playing position of the SE sound reproduced when the SP gauge is accumulated has been corrected

  • – Fixed a problem that the playback voice when you set volume of Chara voice of OPTION is not heard from the center in the Character Voice volume in the Options menu .

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