Sony is Skipping PlayStation Experience for 2018

It’s official – Sony has decided to skip the PlayStation Experience this year. PlayStation’s annual fan event has been held in North America for the past four years, beginning as a celebration for the 20th anniversary of PlayStation. Past years have shown off new demos and trailers for upcoming exclusives. The event takes place on a weekend in December, and fans have grown suspicious as specifics and ticket information have yet to be shared.

Sony Interactive Studios Worldwide head Shawn Layden confirmed in an episode of the PlayStation Blogcast today that unfortunately, they will be skipping PSX this year. The discussion on PSX starts about 10 minutes into the podcast, but in summary, he mentions that we’ve already seen the release of many of the planned exclusives. Coming off the heels of Spider-Man, and with games such as Days Gone and Dreams slated for 2019, Layden alludes to the fact that they wouldn’t have many new things to show off. “We don’t want to set expectations really high and then not deliver on it”, he states. 

This may come as a disappointment for those looking forward to the reveal of a new batch of exclusives, but it’s likely for the best. Sony’s E3 presence this year was already a tad lukewarm compared to year’s past, re-hashing news of already confirmed games. This might allow them to come out of the gate stronger in 2019 with fresh announcements and news, and keep PlayStation Experience from becoming stale.

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