Where are our Monster Hunter World and Death’s Gambit PC reviews?

Morning folks, how are you all. As the Editor in Chief here around these parts, I’d figure it would be nice to provide some transparency in regards to several of our upcoming reviews. Those being Monster Hunter World and Death’s Gambit on the PC. Where exactly are these reviews and why aren’t they posted? Let me explain our dilemma.

With Monster Hunter World, while we agree it’s a good port, there are a few issues with the game that have prevented us (me) from testing out everything. Mainly some issues with framerate, random crashing, and connectivity issues that kill the multiplayer sessions. Capcom has already admitted there are issues and is already investigating them. Until a fix is released, however, the review will sit on the back burner. Personally, I’ve experienced my fair share of problems, despite the game being enjoyable. Though, having the game crash on you during an intense fight doesn’t really help matters.

As for Death’s Gambit, there are a number of bugs with the game. I didn’t feel it would be fair to judge the game in its state. Issues with game saves, the inability to use the d-pad and sound quality issues to name a few. The developer of this title has already recognized the issues and are working on correcting them.  As such, we’ll revisit this once those updates have been released. 

We love gaming, I’m sure you’ve noticed this by now. However, we want to be able to provide our readers with the best content possible. In this case, we’re willing to delay our reviews even if it means we’ll miss out on that day one traffic. A fully thought out review is more important than clicks to us. So due to the issues noticed with both games, we’re delaying those reviews. It stinks, we don’t like it but it needs to be done.

We’ll also adapt this stance for any other games that get released going forth. As always, should you have any questions and or concerns, definitely feel to contact us.

Thank you 

— Management

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