The World Ends With You originally came out on the Nintendo DS, and it quickly became a cult classic among both gamers and reviewers, because developer Jupiter (and published by Square Enix) made a game that was truly unique from top to bottom. From the story, to the characters, to the gameplay, it was all top notch. Since 2008 (when the game came out), The World Ends With You has been ported in many ways, and in October, it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch via The World Ends With You Final Remix.

This promises to not only bring the main game to the portable console, but also add new content that Square Enix has now slightly expanded upon. For we’re going to get a new Reaper (who was slightly in one of the ports) named Coco, who was given this description:

Making her debut in A New Day, this Reaper has an affinity for fashion from Harajuku. Cheerful yet calculating, Coco is always appearing out of nowhere in the middle of a conversation!

Square Enix also dropped new information on a brand new scenario that will apparently be in the game:

New Scenario

The appearance of Coco, a new Reaper, is at the heart of this never-before told story; and with this new scenario – A New Day – come new Noise as well!

A New Day

On that day, a vision suddenly flooded Neku’s mind – high-rise buildings vanishing one after another, and a voice of a mysterious stranger calls out: “All will vanish.”

A confused Neku finds himself at a crowded intersection – what on earth had happened, he was just somewhere else! Bewildered, Neku looks at his phone to find that he’s received a familiar message: the Reapers’ Game has begun once more, in “Hard Mode.”

Brand-New Purple Noise Make their Debut!

New challenges can also occur mid-battle, for instance: Noise can divide, the player’s max HP can decrease, and balls that damage the player on touching them may now appear!

As you can see, The World Ends With You Final Remix is going to be even more than what the original was. The game arrives in the US on October 12th.

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