Sony Celebrates Huge Sales Milestone with Limited Edition PS4 Pro

500 million sold and still going……

Today, Sony announced that they’ve sold over 525 million PlayStation consoles worldwide – an impressive feat, for sure. To thank the gamers and everyone who purchased these systems, Sony has announced a very special PlayStation 4: the 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro, which will be available on August 24, 2018.

This PlayStation 4 Pro is pretty cool looking if I’m being honest. It sports a translucent dark blue console shell that barely lets you see inside, as well as a matching DualShock 4 controller. The PS4 Pro also comes with a 2TB drive, PlayStation Camera, Vertical Stand and mono headset. There’s only going to be 50,000 of these made and each will have a commemorative copper plate on its front, with its limited edition serial number etched into it. The asking price for this sexy beast is $499.99. 


However, if you already own a PS4 Pro and you just want the controller, you’re in luck. Sony is also selling the limited edition DualShock 4 for $64.99. There’s even a 500 Million Limited Edition Gold Wireless Headset featuring the same dark blue translucent design going for $99.99.

500 million PlayStation consoles sold since the system launched in 2013 is an amazing feat. Congrats to Sony for that. It’s definitely been rollercoaster of a ride but well deserved.


I’m not sure I’d run out and pick this up. Mainly because I already have a PS4 Pro and I’ve already dropped the cash for the Spiderman special edition PS4 Pro. Still, this is a great looking system that would look good in just about anywhere. But hey, if anyone’s willing to toss me $500, I’ll be happy to pick up one and show it off for you. Now, if you’re thinking about it, act fast as there’s only going to 50,000 of these made.  And much like the PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition, I think you know what happened to most of those.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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