Kudos to Capcom for shipping over 10 million units of Monster Hunter World

Well, I knew Monster Hunter World was going to be popular. I just didn’t realize how popular it would end up being. I mean, it is widely considered a niche game, right? Well, tell that to Capcom, as they’ve announced that they’ve shipped over 10 million units of Monster Hunter World. How amazing is that?

In a report that was released this morning, the company states that these figures include digital download sales as well. Which means this also include Steam sales. 

The Monster Hunter series consists of hunting action games that pit players against giant monsters in a beautiful natural environment. The series has sparked a social phenomenon known as the “Monster Hunter Craze” by introducing a new kind of communication style for players through cooperative play focused on hunting monsters with their friends. Since the first Monster Hunter title made its debut 14 years ago in 2004, the series has attracted a dedicated fan base, and overall grown into a mega-hit, with Monster Hunter: World, the latest title in the series, shipping 10 million units, and cumulative sales of the series exceeding 50 million units as of August 20, 2018.

This is amazing news for both the company and the series. It wasn’t that long ago that Capcom praised the game for being their fastest selling title. More so for the series as Monster Hunter rarely saw releases outside of Japan, not counting the 3DS games. Titles such as Monster Hunter: Frontier G, Monster Hunter Frontier Online. Adding to that is I’m impressed how well the PC version of Monster Hunter World sold. Over 2 million copies sold on Steam in just two weeks? Yeah, I didn’t see that coming. Especially after the lengthy delay of the title for the PC.

So kudos to Capcom, you deserved this. Not only did you make the right call on finally giving us a Monster Hunter title on more recent platforms. But you also released it outside of Japan and I’m glad that you did. Speaking of which, be sure to check out our review of the game here. Now, if you could do something about the performance of MHW on the PC. Not to mention those network connectivity issues that plaque the Xbox One and PC versions, that would well swell.

I wonder how many copies of Monster Hunter Generation Ultimate is going to sell now. While it’s exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, those Switch owners have been asking for a Monster Hunter game of their very own. Needless to say, I expect no less than 5 million in the first two million. And no, I’m far from kidding with this.

Monster Hunter World ships 10 million copies

Source: Capcom Press Release

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