Monster Hunter: World Is Capcom’s Fastest Selling Title

Without a doubt, Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World is an amazing title. It’s fun, it’s doing well on both the PS4 and Xbox One. While we heard recently that it shipped and sold over 5 million units, we assumed things could only get better. Better, well that’s an understatement as Capcom has announced that the title is their fastest selling game, ever.

Currently, Monster Hunter: World is now sitting at 6 million copies of the game sold. 

Capcom Co., Ltd. announced that it has shipped 6 million copies of game “Monster Hunter: World” for PlayStation® 4, Xbox One * 1 and PC * 2 worldwide (including downloaded sales results). * 1 Released areas of PlayStation® 4 version and Xbox One version refer to product overview ※ 2 PC version release date announced at a later date.


Think about this for a moment. The game was only just released as of Jan. 26, 2018. That’s less than two weeks ago, and it already hit 6 million copies sold? That’s also just on the PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version hasn’t been released yet and we’re sure that once that is out (Fall 2018), it’s going to sell just as well (or at least we hope). 

I hope Capcom is paying attention to the title’s success. For years, the license was stuck in Japan, outside of the 3DS versions. While many consider Monster Hunter to be a niche title, 6 million sold is nothing to take lightly. Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of hunting down monsters with their friends in tow? Maybe, just maybe, this will be the breakout title for Monster Hunter and will open the doorway for more titles. Not just for Japan, but the entire world.

So far, I’ve logged over 120-ish hours in the game. I’m having perhaps a bit too much fun, which is delaying our review. But with as many hours as I have already, I’m sure that should speak volumes about the game.

I wonder when the title is going to surpass 10 million copies sold. Does anyone want to wager when we’ll see this?

Source: Capcom Japan

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