Graveyard Keeper is Stardew Valley for Really Hardcore Goths

If you’ve spent your whole gaming career looking for the ideal gothic resource-management simulator, look no further. Graveyard Keeper puts you in charge of your own medieval cemetary. Finally, a farming game for people who just can’t stand to watch something grow.

From Lazy Bear Games, developers of Punch Club, Graveyard Keeper gives you full control of your business. You make the important decisions. When will services be held? Who will have them? Where will their loved ones be buried? How many limbs will you steal from their deceased? All of these are critical to running your completely historically-accurate graveyard.

And when you have a break from being the face of your company, there’s still more work to do. All of those ethically-obtained “resources” you gathered need to be sold! With that money, you can buy upgrades and materials. That’s the power of economics!

Of course, not everything in Graveyeard Keeper needs to be directly related to your nefarious deeds. Sometimes, the relation can be indirect. If you need a vacation from work, consider visiting one of the hot nearby dungeons! These all-inclusive resorts include features such as mud baths, monsters, and at least eight different things that could kill you. Near-death experiences keep your heart strong and healthy, which is important when your average life expectancy tops out around 35.

If any of this interests you, check out Graveyard Keeper. You can purchase the game starting today, August 15th, on Xbox One and Steam. For more information, visit their website, here.

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