Elder Fighting Game Player Demolishes The Competition With Daughter In Attendance

This weekend at TWFighter Major 2018 a stereotype was destroyed and an amazing story was born. Well known Japanese Street Fighter player Naoto “Sako” Sako won the entire event by a landslide! Why is this such a big deal right now? Well there’s always a stereotype in the fighting game community whether it’s noticed or not that the old dogs can never keep up with the younger generation.

Sakonoko put that to bed by defeating nothing but huge threats in SFV, making top 8, and then taking the trophy home without dropping a single game out of 21 high level matches.

sako TWFighter major 2018

And of course Sako did all this with his wife and daughter as his main audience. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Not only did this put Sako back on everyone’s radar but his feat is now serving as inspiration to both young and old blood in the fighting game scene. I guess age really is just a number.

sako TWFighter major 2018

sako TWFighter major 2018

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