Due to my age (I’m 28, I’m really old), I was there when the original Teen Titans cartoon was on Kids WB (told you I was old) and then Cartoon Network, and I was sad when the series ended. And I was also around when Teen Titans GO! first debuted as shorts, then as a full series. Of the “where do I fall” categories of this show (meaning I love it or it’s an “abomination”), I’m about in the middle. Sure, I would love a new season of the classic show, but I won’t lie and say that GO! hasn’t made me laugh out loud from time to time. And that feeling has transferred to Teen Titans Go To The Movies.

If you’re looking for a serious superhero movie, you’re not going to get that here. Heck, even the silliest of Marvel movies are more serious than this (I’m looking at you Ant-Man and the Wasp…). That being said, Teen Titans Go To The Movies succeeds in being a film that pokes fun at every single trope in superhero films, and yet still has some good moral lessons for young viewers to understand.

Now, if you somehow don’t know (and that literally means you haven’t seen ANY of the trailers), Robin and the other Titans dream of having their own movies. As it appears as though EVERY single superhero in the DC roster (and the Marvel roster, who get name-dropped a lot) is getting one. The problem is, the Teen Titans are viewed as “Jokes”, both by their fellow superheroes, and the people of the world in general. 

Teen Titans Go To The Movies

Thus begins the Titans (and especially Robin’s) quest to get the respect of director Jade Wilson in order to get their own movie and prove their worth. While that may sound like a simple premise (and it is), Teen Titans Go To The Movies twists it on its head multiple times, including some ludicrous and dark ways of actually accomplishing this goal.

When I said this movie pokes fun at everything superhero movies have done in the past, I meant it. From how superheroes act, to how they say their names, the idea of an archnemesis, and even legendary cameos (yes…HE makes an appearance or two…), nothing is off limits here. At one point, a character looks at an object and goes, “Ah, what a perfect plot device”. It’s irreverent, it’s illogical, and yes, it’s hilarious from start to finish.

One of the true joys of Teen Titans Go To The Movies for me though was finding all the Easter Eggs. The TV series is already packed with them, but with the movie, they literally shove in every single Easter Egg they can think of, and more. Some of which you won’t recognize or understand if you haven’t seen the show (like characters from the past or the significance of waffles…), but a majority will be obvious to fans.

Teen Titans Go To The Movies

They truly pull out all the stops, from comic covers, movie posters, famous (and infamous) movie and TV lines, to literally bringing in the Challengers of the Unknown. It happens.

From watching the show and the trailers, you might think this movie has a single animation style, and you would be wrong. It actually has several, and you’re going to be shocked by what they pull out for certain scenes, including references to past DC animated series. It’s really cool, it’s really crisp, and when it’s allowed to shine (which is more than you think), it really stands out. Especially some of the action scenes, where Slade (SLADE!!!!!!…!!!!) gets to show off why he’s a deadly threat no matter the intent of the film.

But I would be a fool if I didn’t stop and mention the absolutely amazing soundtrack to the film. From classic spins on the original and GO! versions of the Teen Titans theme song, to new tracks that will get stuck in your head like “Upbeat Inspirational Song About Life!” and the “Teen Titans Rap”, and a reference to an all-time Disney classic (that I can’t believe they got away with), there’s so much wonderful music in here. It helps take scenes from a basic level to an epic one more times than not.

Teen Titans Go To The Movies

I feel like I’m forgetting something…oh yeah! The voice acting! I kid, I could never forget this cast. The original five voices for the Titans are all back once again, and it’s clear they had a lot of fun making this movie. From their musical numbers to their zany one-liners, to all the jokes they crack, it’s top notch. I don’t know if you’re reading this Scott Menville, Tara Strong, Khary Payton, Greg Cipes or Hynden Walch, but thank you for making this movie very special.

And of course, that speaks nothing of all the other voice talent they got for this film. From singers, to great actors and actresses like Kirsten Bell, Will Arnett, James Corden, and yes, Nicolas Cage as Superman (FINALLY!!!!). It’s great, to hear all these voices interact with one another.

If you’ve been waiting for the shoe to drop, here it is. Teen Titans Go To The Movies is NOT for everyone. As I said, if you’re expecting a serious hero endeavor here, you won’t get it in the way you want. There are heroic elements, don’t get me wrong, but there’s also a lot of slapstick, one-liners, and a 60-second long joke about pooping in prop toiler. If you’d rather not hear those jokes, then you won’t want to watch this movie.

Teen Titans Go To The Movies

But, if you’re looking to smile, laugh, and literally be dumbstruck at some of the scenes and jokes they pull off, then I definitely would recommend Teen Titans Go To The Movies.

I wasn’t sure that I would see it, but now, I’m really glad that I did, and I will be “Upbeat” for quite some time because of this film.

…OH!!! And don’t leave the theater until the mid-credits sequence is done! You can thank me later!

Teen Titans Go To The Movies


Teen Titans Go To The Movies isn’t a movie everyone will want to watch. But, for those who want to laugh so hard you cry, I highly recommend this film.

  • Teen Titans Go To The Movies brings the laughs, the puns, the fights, and all the superhero references you can handle, and them some.

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